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Holyrood, KS
A little City with Lots of Pride
Est. 1886
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2022 Consumer Confidence Report available here:2022 CCR Report

2023 RNR & Budget Hearing Notice:2023 RNR & Budget Hearing

2021 Consumer Confidence Report available here:2021 CCR Report

- Check out our Facebook Page for news and updates: City of Holyrood Facebook

- Energy Efficiency Program

Check out the brochure on the energy efficiency incentives available in Holyrood:

2019_Energy_Efficiency Brochure

2020 Consumer Confidence Report available here:2020 CCR Report

USD 112 Online Diploma Program Press Release: Press Release

2019 Consumer Confidence Report available here:2019 CCR Report


2018 Consumer Confidence Report available here:2018 CCR Report

2017 Consumer Confidence Report available here: 2017 CCR Report

- 2016 Consumer Confidence Report available here: 2016 CCR Report

- 2015 Consumer Confidence Report available here: 2015 CCR Report

- 2014 Consumer Confidence Report available here: 2014 CCR Report

 - February 2015 Lead in Water Notice and Informational Flyer:

Feb 2015 Lead in Water Notice

2015 Water Informational Flyer

- Citizen Complaint Form: Citizen Complaint Form

Use this form to let the city know of any issues you have had or nuisances you have observed around town.

- Holyrood Title VI Civil Rights: Holyrood_Title_VI_Civil_Rights



Old Holyrood City Hall



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Contact our City Hall at (785) 252-3652 or by mail at 112 S Main, Holyrood, KS 67450