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Holyrood, KS
A little City with Lots of Pride
Est. 1886
Local housing available for rent or sale

Check out info on Holyrood's Revitalization plan for new homes and home improvements: Revitalization Plan

Also, ask at City Hall about our free lots for new homes.

For Rent 

The following people own multiple rental homes in town.  Please contact them regarding availability.

Plum Creek Apartments - Anita Hoffhines, Manager: 785-531-0160

Colleen Suchy : 620-282-8610 or 620-562-0259

Denise Zajic: 785-252-5037

Mark Connell: 620-587-3595

Craig Mog: 785-252-7262

For Sale


Did we miss your house? Want more info added to your listing? Send us an email through the "Contact Us" page for requests.

Contact our City Hall at (785) 252-3652 or by mail at 112 S Main, Holyrood, KS 67450